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Our Crew


A luxury yacht charter is made special in many ways, from the finest bed linens to first class service, none of which would be possible without a professionally trained on board crew. Crew members are there to ensure each and every detail of your luxury yacht charter is a dream come true.

The charter crew are industry professionals who have been personally chosen by the owner of the yacht. When planning a yacht charter it is important to ensure the personalities of the crew suit the characters of your charter party as more often than not, it is the crew that makes the charter.

Each crew member works hard to ensure a guest’s expectations are not only met but surpassed and in turn, should be treated with an utmost respect.


During a yacht charter, the Captain is the highest ranking authoritative figure on board and is responsible for the yacht. With an experienced Captain, ensure to utilise their knowledge when expressing any itinerary wishes and requirements and he/she will do all they can to ensure your desires become a reality. The Captain is also responsible for the crew.  If there is a problem or concern, you should direct it to the Captain.

Interior and Deck Crew

It is important to familiarise yourself with the crew members and their individual responsibilities. The deck crew, often referred to as deck hands, are primarily responsible for maintaining the operation of the yacht itself, though they can also assist with any water sports and activities. The interior crew are essentially responsible for refreshing the cabins and are usually who to approach should you require an additional towel or pillow. For any special requests such as a wake-up call for instance.